Stéphane Hamel

All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.

Stéphane Hamel

Who I Am

OMCP Certified Trainer

Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned independent digital marketing and analytics consultant, innovator, speaker and startup & agency advisor. He is also Digital Marketing Program Director for the Faculty of Business Administration at Laval University. His interests includes user privacy and the ethical use of data.
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What I Do

As a recognized thought leader in the field, I leverage the latest thinking, innovations and technologies to foster an ethical approach to digital marketing & analytics. My areas of interest are:

  • Data privacy audit, ethics review consultancy, Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), virtual Data Protection Officer (DPO).
  • Digital analytics maturity assessment, roadmap and best practices coaching.
  • Keynote speaking, workshops and training/teaching.
  • Research & development, startup and agency advisory.



For over 20 years, I have shared my passion for digital analytics to thousands of people at industry conferences, corporate and agency events and through online training. I have spoken on a wide range of tactical to strategic topics in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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Upcoming Conferences

Keynote Topics

Educate and entertain your audience with one of the following keynotes or request a tailored topic:

45 Minutes with Christopher Wylie

Stéphane had the unique opportunity to conduct a Q&A session with Christopher Wylie, the famous whistleblower from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. He spent countless hours reading about the story, watching testimonials, and above all, he spent 45 minutes with Wylie, alone in a small backstage room... You think you heard enough about this story? Think again and listen to Stéphane's thought provoking perspective.

The Elasticity of Analytics Ethics

Stéphane challenges what we take for granted and shares real-life examples of questionable ethics and malpractice which will hopefully make you think about your own red line, as a marketer, an analyst and a consumer.

The Doomsday Is Upon Us

Uncover fascinating stories of machine learning experiments turned rogue; how every organization – and every person – will be compromised; why marketer’s good intention can easily turn evil; and conclude with practical steps to recognize and tame the evil within. Initially introduced to a smaller audience at Superweek 2019, keynoted in front of 2,000 people at the Marketing Festival in Prague in March 2019.

Radical Analytics

Let's be blunt: the way most practitioners and consultants approach digital analytics is defunct and in need of a radical overhaul. We were expected to dive in the depth of an ocean of data and find the proverbial "Precious" - the one and unique golden nugget of wisdom that would transform the organization. We've been told to get executive sponsorship and our goal should be to get a seat at the grown up table of management. In a nice echo chamber marketers despised IT and gave themselves pat on the back reinforcing the idea they were destined to become the CTOs, CMOs and CEOs of the future. Seriously? How is it going for you?


I only accept a handful of projects per year. Here are some of my most famous contributions to the industry:

Digital Marketing & Analytics Ethics

Leading a collaborative effort to define ethical guidelines for marketers and analysts.
Digital Marketing & Analytics Ethics

Da Vinci Tools - Acquired by Supermetrics in 2020

Chrome browser extension packed with power tools for digital marketers and analysts using the Google Marketing Platform.

A Manifesto For Radical Analytics

The way most practitioners and consultants approach digital analytics is defunct and in need of a radical overhaul. A series of articles with thought provoking ideas and solutions.

Google Analytics – Marketo Integration

By integrating Google Analytics and Marketo you can enable a 360-degree view of your leads workflow, including offline conversions.
Cheat Sheet: Seamless Marketo-Google Analytics Integration

GA Location Benchmark

Is Google Analytics geolocation data accurate — reporting proper city, region, and country; and precise — reporting a reasonable distance from real to inferred location in order to inform business decisions?
Case Study: Accuracy & Precision of Google Analytics Geolocation

The Digital Analytics Maturity Model

Created in 2009 and used by dozens of agencies and thousands of analysts, the model will help you assess your organization's current strengths and weaknesses across multiple facets of analytics maturity.

WASP - Acquired by Cardinal Path in 2013

The Web Analytics Solution Profiler, developed in 2006, was the first tool specifically designed to identify trackers on a web page and ease data quality assurance. This browser extension, owned by Cardinal Path since 2013, is still in use by over 50,000 people.

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