Stéphane Hamel, keynote speaker

"Data is the raw material of my craft"

Stéphane Hamel, Digital Analytics Thought Leader

Stéphane Hamel is a seasoned independent consultant, speaker and distinguished thought leader in the field of digital analytics.

  • Leadership & Innovation

    A proven track record of innovations: recognized as Google Product Strategy Expert, Most Influential Industry Contributor by the Digital Analytics Association (2013), Certified Digital Analyst (2010), Web Analytics Association Leadership and Technical Excellence Recognition (2009). Author of the Manifesto for Radical Analytics, creator of the Digital Analytics Maturity Model (DAMM) (2009) and WASP (2006). His latest creation is Da Vinci Tools, a Chrome extension that brings handy enhancements, bug fixes and hacks directly into Google Analytics and other tools interfaces.

  • Speaker & Teacher

    Experienced speaker and Faculty Chair, Digital Analytics, SimpliLearn / Market Motive who share his passion for digital analytics - be it technical 'how to', fundamental concepts, or methods to assess organizations' digital capabilities and maturity. Teaching graduate school students the art of analytics.

  • Empowering Confident Decisions

    An approach based on a thorough understanding of critical success factors contributing to a sound strategy. Striking the balance between optimal and realistic solutions to empower confident business decisions.

  • Experience

    Twenty-five years of relevant expertise in online strategies, digital marketing and analytics concepts, instrumentation best practices and expert at turning data into insight.


Educate & Entertain your audience

Over the past decade I have shared my passion for digital analytics to thousands of people at industry conferences, corporate and agency events and through online training. I have spoken on a wide range of tactical to strategic topics in Canada, the United States and Europe.

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