• I have followed your articles on WA and analytics in general, & they were the driving force in helping me grow from a Web Analyst to Digital Analytics Consultant.
    Deepak Nair, Digital Analytics Consultant/Architect at Cognizant


You Don’t Need A Digital Strategy

Published May 24, 2016, Ardor SEO
What you need is a strategy supported by a digital, data-driven culture.

Google Analytics and Marketo Lead Management End-to-End Integration

Published August 24, 2015, Cheat Sheet
Read the article and download the Google Analytics-Marketo End-to-End Cheat Sheet packed with tips & tricks.

TrustRadius Digital Analytics Buyer Guide

Published September 12, 2014, TrustRadius
The TrustRadius Buyer’s Guide to Digital Analytics Software is much more than your typical ‘buyer’s guide’. It is literally a study of the current state of the digital analytics market. At last, here’s a real independent study truly representing the wide range of needs and various opinions from users like you and experts you trust.

Tag Management: Data Layer/DOM-Scraping Pros & Cons

Published July 15, 2014, Cardinal Path Blog
Is the data layer the be all and end all of tag management? In this article, we explore the benefits and caveats of using a data layer versus DOM-scraping techniques.

What's in your dashboard?

Published April 9, 2014, SweetSpot Intelligence
In this article, SweetSpot, the publisher of a SaAS-based dashboarding platform, asked me to name 3 KPIs/charts and tell how I calculate them, explain where I would apply them, and why they are special to me.

YouTube Video Tracking with GTM and UA: a Step by Step Guide

Published February 7, 2014, Cardinal Path Blog
A step by step guide to the macros, tags and rules required to track YouTube video embeds on your website.

Big Data - what it means for the future of the digital analyst

Published June 12, 2012, Online Behavior
Many analysts wonder how to shift from a traditional web analytics approach to a Big Data one. Shifting away from Excel forces the analyst to change his approach, view the data differently, and explore new solutions. Read on...

The Three Heads of Online Analytics

Published January 2012, Online Behavior
The mastery of Business, Technology and Analysis, is an essential element of a successful digital analytics practice.